Fixed download link

The link for downloading was outdated, so I fixed it.

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Maybe I should do something..

Here is a nice vid:

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New port for PE (pocket edition) is comming

There has been a port for PE bit the thread on mcf is long gone dead. So se are now waiting for the compleation of an updated port of legopak. I will post an update when it arives. Stay cool.

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Star Wars day was 2 days ago but who remembers this one?

The Star Wars Minecraft Map with Legopak :D

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Help wanted

Hi! I’m looking for someone who would like to help develope the pack. :D

So if you feel the need to be awesome, comment to this post please :)



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Updated once more


Made some colored glass and some other stuff. Check it out, download at the download page

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Soon there will be updates!

Hey everybody! I know I am bad at updating but I will try to make updates. I see a period with less school coming up so hopefully there will be some time over for Legopak, let’s cross our fingers :D

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Nice review by Gamingyoshi6601

Check this out if theres any doubt about downloading Legopak. This guy seem to like the pack :). BTW why i spell it legopak and not legopack was because I didn’t wan’t it to be LEGO PACK, I didn’t want lego to sue me hehe. At first it was named ALLPACK, the almost like lego pack.. But the it became LEG-O-PAK, and for the symetrical lettering i took away the C. So it’s not a swedish word or anything sorry hehe.

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Legopak now on Facebook

Who’s gonna be the first to like the new facebook legopak page?


Head over to facebook and like the page.

I have made a facebook page to easier for legopak users to share your opinion and the amazing stuff you create with legopak. Also to communicate with you to see what you wan’t and expect from the pack. So go to Head over to and like the page. and click the like button right away :D


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Some random topic

I got this comment from Random Guy:

“Hi. I just downloaded your pack. I noticed some of the textures. We’re missing. Instead they were the default textures. I read that you were gonna do that though. However the coal is default. Not the ore the actual lump of coal. Have u not made that texture or do I have a problem? Please answer. Bye.”

That is one of the blocks that I haven’t made yet, so no problems, just a missing texture :).
However if some of you would notice a block that has been done before and suddenly its missing please let me know so I can check if I have messed up the pack file :P.

I am thinking of making the coloured glass today. But I don’t know when it will be finished. I have to do my school stuff(php, mysql and pdo) and it sometimes takes a lot of time. And yeah, yesterday I could have skipped that coffee break or “Fika” that we call it here in Sweden but I needed it even if I was away for several hours. Check back later for updates!


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