Legopak is ready for 1.4.5

Yes, this saturday was spent fixing the pack. Now fully playable in Minecraft 1.4.5.

Dowload here :D

If you find any bugs let me know.

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Some minor updates

Made some changes to some blocks (brick for example).

Voxpop9 fixed some stuff for the pack, I implemented the fixes.

click here to download
or head into the download page

You guys liked my illustrated car, so here is another one :P

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Random stuff

Just made this in illustrator and thought it would be fun sharing it with you guys and girls :)

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Legopak 1.3.2 W.I.P

The pack has made playable with 1.3.2.
Still alot of stuff to do, but don’t be afraid, they will be made some day.

And here is a video of the emerald ore and a block of emeralds.

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Large Chest

The Chest has been fixed. It is now in a .png file in items folder and not in terrain.png
Thanks to Voxpop9 at

As usual go to the download page or click here to view an ad for 5 sec.

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Pocket edition by macesoo6

Big thanks to maces006 that converted legopak to pocket edition!

Download Pocket Edition HERE
The pocket edition is maintained by maces006

For more info visit the pocket edition texture pack central


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Iron bar and Melon


As usual go to the download page or click here to view an ad for 5 sec.

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Another block finished

Made the piston and the trapdoor. A little bit at a time, soon it will be finished :D

Click the download button upp to the left
Or this adfly link that show an ad for 5 sec, to support my work

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Fixed grass and jungle

Fixed the grass block so it is right on the sides and the trees tops for jungle and wood for jungle trees .

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Updated to work with 1.2.4

Hope you like it!
Let me know if something is missing :)

Something completely different:
Check out my youtube chanel

Here is a video i made for battlefield 3:

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